Monitor Daily Crane Activity In Real Time

Select your computer device to connect 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection. Access a full suite of dynamic real time reports, detailing crane utilisation, crane lift and shift tasks completed against specific project milestones. Review cranetime logged against specific subcontractors to ensure your project schedule critical path is being achieved. Print reports and issue for review and discussion at project management meetings.

Unique Online Calendar Booking System

Crane bookings are made easy creating accurate workforce planning and efficiency. Automatic emails are dispatched to subcontractors confirming crane bookings. At the completion of jobs a further email is dispatched confirming job completion times. Any jobs postponed due to late completion of earlier scheduled jobs are also managed with automatic email notification of new allocated start times, dates and or both. No more white boards or spreadsheets. A list of the days crane bookings can be distributed to crane crews to ensure disciplined execution of all crane jobs in the correct sequence and allocated time.

Centralised Management of Multiple Cranes

The Cranetime system provides flexibility to manage a project with one or multiple cranes. When managing multiple cranes, Cranetime provides visibility of all crane operations through crane booking calendars allowing the opportunity for safe planning of cranes working in close proximity.

Increase Workforce Productivity

Cranetime technology dramatically increases workforce productivity by identifying and tracking crane usage,


Cranetime also records, tracks and calculates any downtime of cranes specifically due to inclement weather, mechanical failure, routine maintenance and or circumstances outside of the normal project schedule.

Customise to Suit Your Project Needs

Cranetime has adopted milestone and task methodology for scheduling. This enables you to identify and easily extract tasks and milestones that comprise your construction project schedule that require crane lift and shift services over the duration of your project. Subsequently the information is uploaded into Cranetime where time will be recorded against each task and milestone. This provides provision for you to monitor your project construction schedule performance and progress in tandem with the data generated from Cranetime.

Select your computer device to connect

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